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LILIAN DIBO FOUNDATION is a humanitarian and non-governmental organization which started way back in 2009 where the founder and CEO LILIAN DIBO EYONG, got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy whom she named Nathanael-Noah Eyambe Akugeh. She struggled to raise her son in a state of trauma and depression. Two years later, she decided to go back to school to better her life so that she can be able to help other vulnerable gruops of persons who are going through the same situation.
LILIAN DIBO EYONG was blessed with hair dressing skills and she used the proceeds to help the orphans and hungry children in her community.

In 2016, due to the sociopolitical crisis that hit the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon, she suspended her Accounting program that was already two tears gone at the University of Buea. Came and lived with her poor mother, hoping that things will get better but to no avail. The trauma and depression resurfaced as she stayed at home for more two years doing nothing.

In 2019, after having a series of counseling sessions with a born counselor, she made a vow to make a difference and be outstanding in her generation.
She enrolled in a Gospel Counselling Institute where she received a psychosocial healing and was also taught how to build back self-esteem in people through the counseling healing process.

She wrote a book titled LIVING WITH DISABILITY. Later, she started a radio program to sensitize persons with special abilities(disabled persons) and the general public on the aspects of disability and how to overcome the trauma that comes with it.
In that same 2019, she learned how to design with Ankara fabrics and beads because she had a vision of opening a training center for women and girls with disabilities and youths and she is doing an excellent job in Ankara designing and beads making.
Still in 2019, she went in for MISS WHEELCHAIR ♿ CAMEROON ?? and was nominated FIRST RUNNER UP MISS WHEELCHAIR ♿ CAMEROON ??.

After acquiring all of these, she launched the LILIAN DIBO FOUNDATION.
LILIAN DIBO FOUNDATION aims at improving entrepreneurial skills and the well-being of women and girls with disabilities, orphans and internally displaced persons(IDPs) in fashion and designing and also setting up small scale businesses.
We are primarily focused on restoring the self-esteem and independent living of women and girls with disabilities and other vulnerable gruops of persons, for livelihood sustenance, building a strong voice the for the marginalised group and empowering them for a stronger version of their lives.

Also with the help of our partners, LILIAN DIBO FOUNDATION has been helping women and girls with disabilities financially and with mobility devices to make life easy for them.

LILIAN DIBO FOUNDATION has had some reach out programs where the CEO had to visit orphanages to encourage the children that they are not alone.
LILIAN DIBO FOUNDATION also organises free training on Ankara designing and beads making for children, letting them see the importance of merging formal and informal education.

LILIAN DIBO FOUNDATION has also organised seminars on DISABILITY, RIGHTS AND INCLUSION for women and girls with disabilities so that they should not be ignorant of their possession.

LILIAN DIBO FOUNDATION also organises seminars on DISABILITY and HEALTH where disabled medical personnel teach women and girls with disabilities how important it is for them to know their health status.
These and more, we are ready to give to the society to change the mentality on how people view persons with disabilities.